1. Welcome to Spyfly! This is our Dashboard which provides you with a summary of all the important functionality in SpyFly. We will now provide you with a tour of all the wonderful benefits included in your membership. To navigate through this tour click the "Next" button below. To exit the tour click the X in the top right.
  2. This is a summary of the report you have requested. We have a lot more information about in the Full Report. To view the Full Report, you may either select the Full Report button under Reports History or select to view a specific category of the report from the report categories on the right.
  3. Including in your membership we will monitor up to four individuals for changes to their public record profile and we will send email alerts to when new activity is detected. add more individuals, please search for that individual from the Run a New Background Report field at the top of the page and then select to view that individuals full report. From the Full Report select the "Start Monitoring" button.
  4. Also including in your membership you can monitoring your home and 3 additional addresses for Sex Offender Activity near your home. To turn on Sex Offender Monitoring for your home or any other address, please select to Add a Monitoring Zone. Once you have created one or more Monitoring Zone, we will send and email notification to upon detection of sex offender activity within the geographic radius you have selected.
  5. Emergency Response Profiles allows you to create digital safety profiles for up to 8 different individuals. These profiles will allow you to send electronic notification to law enforcement and friends in the event that a loved one goes missing. To add an Emergency Response Profile, please select Add Emergency Response Profile from the Dashboard.